AntiWave has been providing high quality and innovative products for the aquatic community since it was founded in 1977. Headquartered in Sanger, TX AntiWave continues with a focus on quality, value, service, and innovation. AntiWave produces high quality lane lines, supertensioners, lane line storage reels, water polo goals, and starting blocks. AntiWave lane lines are used around the world for both recreational and competitive swimming. Mini lane line kits are perfect for dividing up recreational swimming areas including both pools and lakes. AntiWave offers two lane lines designed for competition pools, the ForeRunner and the Maximum. These swimming lane lines use unique technology to disperse waves toward the bottom of the pool. The Maximum Lane Line was featured at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and helped produce 15 World Records. You can see the Antiwave Maximum lane lines in use at The University fo Texas and at The Ohio State University. AntiWave lane lines are available in a wide range of standard colors to match your pool or swim team colors. Antiwave lane ropes have the best prices for lane lines for swimming. Order your custom lane ropes and receive them fast. We have the cheapest prices for swim lane ropes and swimming lane lines. Antiwave lane lines are the only lane ropes with a 3 year warranty and are guaranteed to stand up the the harshest swimming pool chemicals. AntiWave also offers many solutions to make lane lines easier to use. The Supertensioner is unique to AntiWave lane lines and is a state-of-the-art improvement on traditional lane line fasteners. With the supertensioner lane lines are easy to adjust and it eliminates the need for a wrench to make adjustments. AntiWave lane storage reels are high quality storage reels that make it easy to put lane lines in the water and take them back out. Lane storage reels also make lane line storage simple and neat. AntiWave also continues to offer a superior selection of water polo goals. From floating goals to wall mounted goals AntiWave has what you need. The Odyssey floating water polo goal was introduced at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and sets the standard for competition water polo. If you have limited storage space AntiWave also offers the FlipFloat water polo goal and Flippa flip down water polo goals. Do you need new lane ropes for your summer league swim team? Antiwave offers the cheapest line ropes on the market but they are made from the best materials and they also offer the best warranty for any lane line. Call D&J Sports today for more information about custom lane lines for your swimming pool.

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  1. Antiwave Water Polo FlipFloat Folding Goals

    MSRP $2,000.00 MSRP $2,000.00 As low as $1,827.00
  2. Antiwave 25 yard 6 Inch Maximum Racing Lanes Line

    MSRP $1,012.00 MSRP $1,012.00 As low as $658.00
  3. Antiwave Flippa Folding Splashball Water Polo Goal

    MSRP $1,782.00 MSRP $1,782.00 As low as $1,159.00
  4. Antiwave Ultimate Lane Line Storage Reel

    MSRP $1,800.00 MSRP $1,800.00 As low as $1,615.00
  5. Antiwave Mesh Cover for Ultimate Lane Rope Storage Reel

    MSRP $160.00 MSRP $160.00 As low as $164.00
  6. Antiwave Super 700 Starting Block

    MSRP $1,895.00 MSRP $1,895.00 As low as $1,895.00
  7. Antiwave Super 400 Starting Block

    As low as $1,195.00
  8. Antiwave Junior 400 Starting Block

    As low as $950.00
  9. Antiwave Forerunner 25 meter 4.75 inch Racing Lane Lines

    MSRP $596.00 MSRP $596.00 As low as $567.00
  10. Antiwave Club Float or Odyssey Goal Replacement Net

    MSRP $160.00 MSRP $160.00 As low as $159.99
  11. Antiwave 25 meter 6 Inch Racing Lane Line

    MSRP $749.00 MSRP $749.00 As low as $691.00
  12. Antiwave Forerunner 50 meter 4.75 inch Swim Lane Lines

    MSRP $1,090.00 MSRP $1,090.00 As low as $1,053.00
  13. Antiwave Forerunner 25 yard 4.75 inch Racing Lane Line

    MSRP $536.00 MSRP $536.00 As low as $513.00
  14. Antiwave 50 meter Maximum 6 Inch Racing Lane Line

    MSRP $1,340.00 MSRP $1,340.00 As low as $1,253.00
  15. Antiwave Odyssey Float Goal 148 X 58 X 41

    MSRP $3,360.00 MSRP $3,360.00 As low as $2,449.00
  16. Antiwave Water Polo Universal Wall Goal

    MSRP $2,530.00 MSRP $2,530.00 As low as $2,364.00
  17. Antiwave Stainless Steel 1/8 inch Replacement Cable

    MSRP $1.50 MSRP $1.50 As low as $1.69
  18. Antiwave 2 inch Stainless Steel Extenstion Hook

    MSRP $10.00 MSRP $10.00 As low as $7.99
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