ylon-a The snorkels all new swimming snorkel made by ylon-a, a French Company. The snorkels were originally designed for mono-fin racing and free diving. Due to the sleek hydrodynamic design of the headpiece and frontal tube these snorkels are perfect for high speed swimming. This ability to swim at full speed without the snorkel becoming unstable and vibrating makes it perfect for competitive swimmers, you can even do flip turns while wearing them. These features were the catalyst for many of the elite swim clubs and Universities to switch from the market leading snorkels to our ylon-a aXis snorkels. College programs like The University of Texas (Eddie Reese), The University of Georgia, USC, The University of Virginia, Notre Dame; along with club programs like SwimMAC, Swim Atlanta, Katy Aquatics, Nitro, and many more have made the switch to the ylon-a aXis snorkel.

  • aYlon aXis Elite Swim Snorkel
  • aYlon aXis Elite Swim Snorkel

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