Finis Shooter Monofin

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The Finis Shooter has a short blade for rapid fire kick action to simulate race pace kick tempo. Helps prevent stroke-decay while swimming butterfly. Ideal for fliers, breaststroke arm recovery drills, backstroke underwater work.


  • Short And Stiff Fiberglass Blade: Allows for race pace tempo
  • Drill Training Tool: Works well for breaststroke drills, backstroke underwater work and side kicking
  • Strength Training: Builds core muscles including abs, lower back, quads and gluteus
  • Flexibility: Increases range of motion in feet and ankles
  • Long Distance Butterfly: Ideal for butterfly training to maintain a strong, composed stroke
  • Early Technique Detection: High speeds enable important streamlining adjustments
  • Strong Kick: Develop a powerful, hip-generated dolphin kick
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