Finis Freestyler Hand Paddles Junior

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The FINIS Freestyler is the only hand paddle specifically designed for freestyle swimming. Utilizing a patented skeg technology, the Freestyler allows swimmers to properly position the hand at the beginning of the stroke. The patented skeg design will force the swimmer to maximize their extension and initiate the rotation at the beginning of the stroke.

  • Hydrodynamic shape eliminates shoulder stress and promotes high elbows in the pull and recovery phases of the stroke 
  • Please note that each order will come with 2 paddles


  • Patented Hydrodynamic Surfboard Shape: Decreases resistance through the water and planes the hand forward, lengthening each stroke
  • Patented Skeg Design: Streamlines and straightens hand entry 
  • Instant Stroke Feedback : Paddle rotates and will straighten itself if swimmer?s hand enters incorrectly 
  • Improves Body Position: Creates a more balanced body position and prevents drag by streamlining hand entry and eliminating cross-over 
  • Reduces Shoulder Stress: Prevents hand entry cross-over that causes shoulder injury
  • Junior Size Available: Made specifically for youth and smaller hands
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