Now Available Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2
D&J Sports is pleased to announce that they now offer the Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 competitive swimwear line. This swimwear line was designed in response to the banning of the original Arena Carbon Pro swimwear, which has lost its approval through the FINA. The Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 swimsuits are available for both men and women. Women can enjoy the open back kneeskin design, while men can choose the jammer. Both swimsuits are now available in several colors, including dark gray, orange or cyan, allowing every swimmer to choose the color that best matches their style or team colors. Made from the same revolutionary carbon infused material as the original Carbon Pro swimwear, the Mark 2 version meets all of the FINA standards, approving the swimwear for use in all levels of competition. The combination of the carbon cage and the powerskin material provides swimmers with a skin-tight, comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement, making this type of swimwear an asset in the water. Swimmers who are looking for the perfect swimwear to help them make the most of their performance can find what they need with the new Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2. This incredible swimwear offers the utmost in fit and comfort, as well as the style swimmers are looking for. Anyone who would like more information on the new Carbon Pro Mark 2 competitive swimwear can find out more by visiting the D&J Sports website or by calling 1-800-460-SWIM.
New Lifeguard Swimsuits and Rescue Equipment
D&J Sports is pleased to announce they have taken safety to a whole new level by increasing their number of lifeguard equipment products available to their customers. Safety in and around the water is of utmost importance, whether at the pool or on the beach of a lake or the ocean. Without the proper lifeguard equipment on hand, the lifeguards and others in charge of safety in these areas wouldn't be able to save lives and truly make a difference. This is why D&J Sports has chosen to increase their lifeguard product line. Today, D&J Sports provides those in charge of the lifeguards at pools and beaches with access to everything they need to keep everyone safe in and around the water. This includes a selection of first aid kits, spineboards, rescue cans and tubes, ring buoys, rescue masks and various other pieces of essential rescue equipment, including megaphones, first responder bag and training tools. With all these pieces of equipment, any pool or beach will have the necessary tools to make rescues and save lives. In addition to having the right equipment, D&J Sports would like to remind those in charge of safety at pools and beaches how important it is to properly train their staff to use the equipment properly. Proper training is just as important as having the right equipment on hand. Anyone who would like to learn more about what equipment is essential at any lifeguard station can find out more by visiting the D&J Sports website or by calling 1-800-460-SWIM.
Swim Backpacks Available for Christmas
Dallas, Texas, October 30, 2012: D&J Sports is pleased to announce they carry some of the top swim backpacks for swimmers on all experience levels. With Christmas quickly approaching, it can sometimes be difficult for some people to find the perfect gifts for the people in their lives. Anyone who is looking for the perfect gift for the swimmer in their lives can find swim backpacks from some of the top names in swimming, including Speedo, TYR, Swim Stuff and Arena. Each of these swim backpacks provides ample storage room for everything a swimmer needs to take with him to the pool. While all swim backpacks provide the appropriate amount of storage and other features that will benefit the swimmer, each option available at D&J Sports has its own special features. This allows each person to choose the perfect Christmas gift that will match up best with the needs of the recipient. When it comes to swimmers, they always need something that makes their life at the pool easier. The swim backpack is one of those products that some swimmers don’t have and even those who do have one may need a replacement due to the wear and tear these backpacks can undergo. With all the available colors and styles, each person is bound to find the one that best fits the recipient’s needs. Anyone who is interested in learning more about these swim backpacks can find out more by visiting the D&J Sports website or by calling 1-800-460-SWIM.
White Hot Arena Carbon Pro Now In-Stock
The wait is over! The “White Hot” Arena Carbon Pro racing swimsuits are now available for purchase. This is the same suit that was worn in the 2012 London Olympics by top athletes like Rebecca Soni. The white and red Arena Carbon Pro Kneeskin and Jammers are unlike any other technical racing swimsuit on the market. Be one of the super exclusive to own your very own super fast Arena White Hot Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin racing swimsuit. The “white hot” colorway was specifically designed for the Arena swimmers in London. This suit is a white base color with gray carbon yarn weaved into the base fabric and features shiny red flames. The flames are above the main muscle groups emphasizing the muscular power of the athlete and the internal construction of the suit. The Powerskin Carbon-Pro is Arena’s revolutionary new racing swimsuit, the first of its kind to incorporate carbon fiber into the weave of the swimsuit fabric. Launched in February 2012, Powerskin Carbon-Pro is the product of a collaborative effort between Arena and its scientific network. Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin female racing suit, the first racing suit integrating a carbon cage to deliver Intelligent muscle compression, combined with unprecedented fit. Compression in a competition suit is associated with increased support, efficiency and power, but high compression can have a restricting effect on movement. The swimmer in motion is also a dynamic form with complex requirements for support and compression. How can you get more of the benefits of compression, without its drawbacks? Squeezing the swimmer harder will not help! To deliver a breakthrough solution to the compression challenge, arena has incorporated carbon fibre into the weave of the Arena Carbon Pro fabric. Known for its unique structural and mechanical properties, the carbon fibre locks down when and where a critical stretch level is reached, while retaining the suits elasticity. This delivers a ramp-up in compression on those specific overextended zones, increasing support and control where and when they are needed without detracting from the swimmers mobility. The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro White Hot Jammer and kneeskins are is FINA Approved
Swim Stuff Swim Parkas Now In-Stock
Dallas, Texas, September 28, 2012: D&J Sports is pleased to announce it now has the Swim Stuff swim parkas in stock. With the colder months approaching, it becomes even more important for swimmers to keep warm on the sidelines. Heading into the water and then spending time outside the pool between races and practice sessions can be frigid, even when the temperatures aren’t too cold. With the use of these swim parkas, swimmers are able to enjoy warmth without having to go into the locker room and get dressed. This is especially important if they will be getting back into the pool again. The Swim Stuff swim parka is available from D&J Sports to order for the fall swimming season. The parka is made from a waterproof Oxford nylon shell and lined with Arctic polar fleece for optimal warmth. The pockets are lined with fleece as well to give swimmers a warm place for their hands and the parka features a drawstring hood for even greater protection from the elements. Available in 12 different color combinations, swimmers will be able to find the perfect colors to go with their team or just to fit their own personal style. Swimmers can order the Swim Stuff swim parka, the top-selling swim parka on the market, in any of the 12 colors for immediate shipment. D&J carries all colors in stock so no one has to wait for their parka. They can have it just in time for the cooler weather. Anyone who is interested in ordering Swim Stuff swim parkas for personal or team use can find out more by visiting the D&J Sports website or by calling 1-800-460-SWIM.
D&J Sports Is Pleased to Announce the Launch of Their New Website
Dallas, Texas, August 31, 2012: D&J Sports is pleased to announce the launch of their new website this week. The new website is a completely new design that provides customers with the greatest ease of use to purchase the swim products they need. The site features new menus that are carefully organized to help users quickly find just what they need. One of the biggest new features on the D&J Sports website is the ability to track the most recently viewed products. This can make it much easier for users to compare products or to return later to make the purchase they have taken the time to think over. Far too often, users look at something on a website and then are unable to remember what they were interested in or wanted a way to get back to that item quickly. The recently used items feature solves this problem. Another great new feature on the D&J Sports website is the best sellers category. This is perfect for those who are looking for the most popular items. Some people are unsure which items would be best for them to purchase. These people often want to know what others in the same situation are purchasing. With this feature, users can find out just what other swimmers and coaches are buying to help them make the right decision. Anyone who is looking to purchase swimwear, swim accessories and swim gear should visit the brand new D&J Sports website or call 1-800-460-SWIM for more information. About D&J Sports: D&J Sports is the premier swim outfitter in the Dallas, Texas, area. The company provides swim teams, coaches, swimmers and lifeguards with a wide variety of swimwear, equipment, pool accessories, swim accessories and more. Anything related to swimming can be found at D&J Sports. They carry products from all the biggest brands in swimming, providing customers with the highest level of customer service and the best quality products available on the market.


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