Swim Apparel

At D&J Sports we carry a wide range of swimming apparel to be worn around the pool deck. We have Hats, Hooded Sweatshirts, Swim Parkas, Shorts, Sweats, Swimming T-Shirts, and Swimming Warm-Ups.

Swimming themed hats are a great way to top off your look. We carry lifeguard hats and various other swimming hats. Our hooded sweatshirts are a great way to let everyone know you are a swimmer while keeping warm. Some examples are the Eat Sleep Swim hoodie, stroke specific hoodies, and the swim monkey hoodie. Swimming t-shirts and shorts are available in a wide variety of slogans and styles.

Stay warm on deck with a swim parka. Our swim team parkas come in a wide range of colors so you can create at swim team parka. Swim parkas are customizable with embroidered swim team logo and name. Swimming warm-ups are also available to be customized with embroidered swim team logos and names. Our line up of swim warm-ups includes Speedo Superpro Warm-Ups, Speedo Varsity Warm-Ups, Speedo Velocity Warm-Ups, TYR Alliance Team Warm-Ups, and Nike Team Warm-Ups.

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