Strechcordz Stretch & Mobility Strap

Achieve deeper stretches with the new Strechcordz Mobility Strap.This multi-purpose tool is a good aid for those who need to stretch more. It allows you to start easy and work your way into a very deep stretch.

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The Stretch and Mobility Strap is designed for stretching that uses isometric contractions to achieve greater flexibility. Its elastic side allows users to ease into a stretch until the static webbed side is engaged. Once this point is reached, the static strap facilitates deep stretches. It has applications in aquatic therapy, rehabilitation and fitness programs as well as any resistance exercise program. 

Generates isometric contractions to achieve deeper stretches and greater flexibility. Consists of a dual stretch strap that is comprised of one strap of nylon webbing connected to a stretch elastic strap.

The towel rotation stretch is a great exercise to help improve the flexibility and range of motion of your shoulder. It is actually a combination of three motions around the shoulder: internal rotation, adduction (moving your shoulder closer to the body), and extension.

1. Place R arm behind head with stretching strap in hand

2. Place L hand behind back/buttocks and grab onto other end of stretching strap

3. Use R hand to pull up on stretching strap to pull L hand up back

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