Aquatic Fitness Swimwear

We sell the best water aerobics swimsuits for women. Our selection of ladies water fitness swimwear includes Speedo and Dolfin polyester fabric styles designed to last longer in pool chlorinated water.

We carry all the equipment you need for Aqua Fitness. We have Water Aerobics Jog Belts, Water Aerobics Gloves, Water Aerobics Weights, and Water Aerobics Bar Bells. Water Aerobics Jog Belts are flotation belts that aid you in your position in the water. They are an aqua jogger which allows you to run in the deep end of a pool. Water Aerobics Gloves and Water Aerobics Bar Bells help provide resistance training for an even better workout. Water Aerobics Weights also provide resistance training with a more traditional weighted approach. All of these items improve the Water Aerobics experience.

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